​We are currently running live online classes 6 days per week at 9:30 am in the private Lift & Sprint LIVE Facebook Group. Sign up below for your monthly subscription. Cancel anytime. All you need is 1 kettlebell. Can't wait to see you LIVE!!! $79 per month. 

Lift & Sprint in-person classes will resume on July 9th. We will be welcoming back old members for the first two weeks to get everyone accustomed to the new safety protocols and are excited to open up membership for our new friends starting Monday, July 20th. Please feel free to call, text or email with any questions. Can't wait to see you in real life!!!

TEXT OR CALL US      510-207-7746

Unlimited means unlimited.

Train up to 15 sessions per week in all 3 of our locations for one membership fee. We keep it simple by staying true to our values. Effective, yet fun workouts using minimal equipment with varied formats

and functional movement patterns to create strong, fit bodies in a challenging, 

inspiring outdoor environment. 

Train hard, train often.


Our 45-minute bootcamp workouts will have you slamming ropes, swinging kettlebells, bounding through running drills and throwing punches with your fellow members.

We create a positive, safe training environment in four of the East Bay's most beautiful parks. Rain or shine, we will be in the great outdoors for 16 workouts per week changing your attitude about fitness. Breathe, laugh and let off some steam in the fresh air and sunshine.

Intensity and frequency is needed for real results.  ​ ​No more excuses.

Train with us every weekday. Roaming Saturday location for members only.

Check out our FAQ here.Still have questions?  Just ask. 

Lift & Sprint

Boot Camp

​​Unlimited Boot Camp sessions.  Three locations.  $179 per month.