Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when it rains?

...You will get wet! Seriously, Lift & Sprint trains rain or shine. We love everything that nature has to offer so we open our arms to a little H20. We will always be there ready to give you an outdoor workout regardless of the weather. We adapt with our equipment to make sure your safety is paramount. No excuses! Invest in water resistant gear and you will love the refreshing feeling of cooling rain on your hot, sweaty face.

What if I don't know what a squat is?

You are a Newbie!! And You...Are...Awesome! We know how hard it is to take the first step but please know that our mission is to help bring your inner fitness warrior to life. We will teach you proper form to build you a rock solid foundation to build and improve upon. Be patient and smile! Fitness is a process and results come from consistency not perfection.

Are you like Crossfit?
Lift & Sprint has a number of differences to Crossfit. We mostly use fitness boxing and running for cardio conditioning, throw sandbags around and train outdoors in the beautiful parks of the East Bay. We don't do olympic barbell lifting. However, we can prepare you for Crossfit with our kettlebells, ropes and overall conditioning program.

How long are your training sessions?
Lift & Sprint sessions are 45 minutes long. We encourage you to turn up slightly early to warm up with a brisk walk or jog, chat with your fellow Lift & Sprinters about the next event you are training for or gossip about what Kalessi and her dragons are up to on Game of Thrones.

Can I really train every day with Lift & Sprint?
Yes! Unlimited training truly means UNLIMITED. We want you to train! We won't charge you more if you train more. We want you fit and healthy! We train 16 sessions per week, 6 days a week so if you are up for it, you can even train 3 times a day at all 4 of our locations. However, for transformative results with proper recovery, we recommend Lift & Sprinting 3 to 4 days per week.

Can I bring a friend to try out Lift & Sprint?
Absolutely! We offer a 1 week free trial for everyone. We encourage you to bring friends and family to try us out! If your friend becomes a member, look forward to a $20 Starbucks or Peet's card coming your way. 

Where is Kensington Park?
Behind Kensington Library at 61 Arlington Drive. If you are driving up from the Marin Circle, go north past the Arlington shops. Make a right turn at the Kensington Library with the flashing traffic lights out front. Drive to the top of the parking lot behind the Kensington Library.

I can only make one training session per week. Can I pay less than $179/month?
Yes, you can drop in for $25 per session. However, if you can even manage 2 sessions per week, Lift & Sprint is less than $22 per session when you sign up for autopay. Plus, you get all the perks of membership including entry into our Saturday morning AWOL sessions, discounts at local businesses and never worrying about how many sessions you have left on your package or whether or not you have enough cash on you.

Is there a joining fee?
Nope. Never. Nada.

Can I pause my autopay when I go on vacation?
Absolutely! We encourage you to travel and take vacations to recover and enjoy your fitness. Again, give us 7 days notice for us to pause your autopay and we will suspend your account for up to 6 months. However, if your autopay has already been taken out for the month, there are no refunds. Be proactive and give us some notice. You know when the autopay comes out every month so don't ask to pause it for the current month on the 7th, ok?

Is there a cancellation fee?
No way! You must give us 7 days written notice to notice if you wish to cancel your membership to give us a chance to cancel your autopay with Mindbody.

Why is there no Friday 6:30 pm workout?
We are at a bar somewhere in the Bay enjoying a happy hour drink. Most likely an Old Fashioned and a G&T.

Still have questions?  Just ask. 

East Bay Boot Camp

Unlimited sessions. $179 per month.